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First we must say that with Poisson you can calculate expected goals, but only with concrete data you have (taking data from tables, for example). But what we put in this text about xG goes beyond hard data. Once we have defined a bet using xG dice, we have to know if the odd is on my side, if we have value, if that is a + EV bet.


Calculating Poisson gives you the result of your hard 검증 사이트 site data and can make the odd turn into a percentage. With the expected goals you will have another vision, turning what you have into odds and then percentage. This way you will know when to enter something that has value or not.

We used it a lot during the World Cup and in big European football games, like Champions League matches.

Betting on French goals against Argentina in the World Cup, Ajax against Real in Spain and Man Utd against PSG in France are just some of the above. These bets have earned me a good, comfortable profit.

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  • xG, PPDA, Deep, xPTS, and so many other acronyms are all part of this metric. So why a glossary:
  • xG ( Expected goals) – Number of goals a team or player should have scored based on the quality and quantity of the shot (head or kick).
  • xGa ( Expected goals against) – Number of goals a team should award based on the quality and quantity of the shot.
  • (xA) Expected goals assisted – Number of assists a player should have on the quality of his finishing passes.
  • (xPts) Expected points – Number of points expected from a team should be based on its xG.
  • (PPDA) Passes Allowed Per Defensive Actio – Passes allowed by team defense.
  • DEEP – Passes completed within the opponent’s large area excluding crosses.

You need to know the acronyms to interpret the numbers you will see about Expected goals.  Many novice gamblers have questions about some markets. Some are confusing and others quite confusing, such as the Asian handicap.

There are several forms of handicap in sports betting. Here we will explain what it is, how to calculate, the advantages and strategy of betting in this market.

What is the Asian handicap?

The Asian handicap is a sports betting market that “equals” the strength of the two teams by taking goals or points from the favorite and adding them (always in the same amount) to the underdog.

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