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They are called “cloud” services, where cloud means “cloud”. And this is exactly what it is about: virtual clouds where you can store photos, videos and important files so that they don’t take up valuable memory on your PC or smartphone. Useful and cheap, if you think about it: since then you can access your files from anywhere in the world and, unfortunately, if your PC or smartphone fails, you lose nothing. But how do these services work? Most are free up to a total of GB space and almost all work both on the phone and on the PC: here we explain you what Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox and the new Hubic consist of. With the 토토검 this is important now.

Google Photos

It’s the Google cloud where you can keep your photos, videos and everything in your smartphone’s album. Its part of the Google Drive system, and using it is easy. All you need to do is download a free app and sign up for Google, which you will have already done if you have an Android phone or a Gmail (Big G recognizes Gmail’s email as a username to log in to its services).

 Google Photos provides you with 15 GB of free space, which in a nutshell means thousands of photos and hundreds of videos. Once you have downloaded the app and logged in, click on the three bars at the top left to access the menu. Then choose “settings” and click on “backup and synchronization” if you want Google to archive your shots automatically when you are connected to a wi-fi network. If you want to delete photos and videos from your smartphone, once archived, you can always do it from settings by clicking on “manage device storage space”. The good news is that if you choose to store the photos in “high quality” (max 16 megapixels) instead of in original quality (more than 16 megapixels), these do not take up virtual space, so you can even put in a million.


It was one of the first cloud services, and although it has been outclassed by Google and others over time, it’s always worth considering. Its defect is that it offers you only 2 GB of free space, which you can increase by inviting friends and contacts to try the service (get 500 mb each time someone accepts) or by paying. The advantage is that it is very easy to use, so space is enough for you, it could be the right solution: with Dropbox among other things you can create links to share your files, with your friends with a single click. 

Download the app, and to archive one or more files, click on the “+” icon, which also allows you to scan documents using the mobile phone camera: a function that could be useful for storing receipts, receipts and more. If you want Dropbox to automatically archive your photos, click on the settings “wheel” and from here it activates “camera uploads” (moving the cursor to the right). Besides the app there is a little program for the PC, to use the service as if it were a common folder on your computer: in that case you just need to upload a file inside it to see it after a few moments even on the smartphone.

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