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You realize that the player did not position himself well on the ball, that he did not flex his knees enough, that the lapel kick does not have enough spin and that is why he stops so many times in the “belly” of the net, that the lateral movement of a player is very tall is precarious, that a lapel volley is not an easy shot to execute, even if you are close to the net, that one or one of those on the field is based only on work and do not have in the arsenal the necessary shots to give them a variant “B” when their service does not “enter”.

And many other aspects of the game itself, but also of the players’ body language at different times of the matches. No, contrary to appearances, we don’t think we’ve philosophized too much about this. 

We discussed a controversial point of view and we had to argue it

Otherwise, anyone who watches tennis thinks he has become a specialist. And he commented on tennis (this can really be done by anyone, for free) but also on 카지노 사이트 betting on tennis.

Here it is more unpleasant, because this is done for money and can seriously damage the financial, physical and mental health of the gambler in ignorance.

We are convinced of the importance of this fact, it is a matter verified in time

  • In fact, it’s similar to what happens in football. If you’ve never kicked the ball, we don’t think you can really “feel” the game, nor can you successfully play football sports betting.
  • We have heard and even read about tennis betting strategies according to theoretical algorithms, of people who have never played tennis.
  • We admit that we denied them from the beginning, because we do not believe in their veracity and in their chances of success.
  • Maybe we was wrong and maybe those strategies based purely on statistics are successful. But we wouldn’t bet on cricket, for example, if we didn’t know the rules and we didn’t know what it was about.

Finally, maybe I’m too traditionalist, too conservative, but we have some principles that we really don’t want to abdicate. For the simple fact that they have proven to be profitable over time.

We do not deny that there could be good tennis bettors among those who did not get their hands on a racket in their lives. There are exceptions that confirm the rule. 

Watch tennis, watch live broadcasts, study a lot of the tennis players you bet on

This aspect is very important. It happened many times, in the pioneering of my activity, to bet on a player that we had watched live and that seemed to me to be in shape. Unfortunately, erroneously, we had not seen his opponent playing lately, we only knew about him dry statistics, such as percentages in the first job, in the second job and how many he had given. Needless to say, most of the time, such matches were lost.


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