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Contrary to what many still seem to believe, the world of free online poker tournaments is not only frequented by beginners looking for “happy islands” that allow them to discover real poker without always having the risk-failure around the corner.

Aware of how poker is a game in which discipline and training play a leading role, many intermediate and high level players use freeroll tournaments as a means to keep themselves in constant training with free online poker by trying out variations of their strategy and new ones approaches to different game situations.

A Concrete Example of Free Online Poker

If you are a regular players of the agen poker online sites, then you know very well how much our editorial staff takes in the section dedicated to the strategy of the game and how much emphasis you put on the different game tips offered to players every day.

So, let’s assume that you have just discovered a new article on pre-flop game management and that you want to practice the tips just read during a free online poker game. How to do?

  1. Open a cash table, invest 10 € and hope that the advice is really good
  2. Play a freeroll and try to put into practice what you’ve just read without spending

How to Play Online Poker Freerolls?

  • Going into the world of freerolls without having the necessary experience may not be easy, I admit this.
  • Confusion, impossible schedules, prizes of the order of 0.0000001 € offered to good winners are in fact elements that help to hide in the general grey even the best free poker tournaments on the internet.
  • Unlike what was said for the games for fun , free online poker tournaments are handled by poker rooms exactly like all other real money tournaments – and therefore are accessible from the “regular” gaming lobby within which all the tables are available.
  • Playing in freeroll tournaments, however, may require different actions depending on the competition in which you intend to participate, as free online poker tournaments can be open-ended.
  • In this case you simply need to find the event in the room calendar and then click on the registration button.

Or closed if the poker room chooses to use them as a promotion for the players part of its VIP program or for special events such as live tournaments or free online poker.

In the case of exclusive events, however, all the information to participate in the free online poker tournament is always included in the information table of the freeroll, which can be accessed by clicking on the name of the event from the game lobby.

Differences between free online poker and freerolls

Although these two types of free online poker are often treated very similarly, it is important to clarify that these are actually two completely different types of games that are also inevitably destined for very different players.

Game Difficulty Level

Precisely because they are frequented almost exclusively by players who still do not know the game of poker and who are there only to “test” the poker room software and the different phases of the game.

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