Rummy is quite a popular online card game. Thousands of people play online Rummy daily. Reasons? It is super exciting, good stress buster, skill-based and a completely legal game. There are so many positive points about the game; especially, the digitalisation of the game has given it a broader and positive aspect making it a favourite among online gamers.

But there must be some things that Rummy players, particularly the online ones, really hate. This is an essential side of the coin because while looking at the pros; we should see the cons associated, too.

Five things that players hate to experience in online Rummy:

  • Slow or irregular internet connections

You may amuse what is new in it at all? We all hate slow internet networks. But if you are an online Rummy player, you hate it even more.

Online Rummy is a very fast-paced game. You need to have robust time management if you want to win. At this crucial juncture, slow or poor internet network is more than enough to ruin your mood. The more time it takes to load a page, the more annoying it gets.

  • Cheaters

Okay, we all hate cheaters. But in Online Rummy, things get even worse.

Rummy is a game which excites you, elicits your undivided attention and makes you quite competitive at the moment. No one wants to lose. While you are with your friends or family, you don’t have this trust issue. They can be tricksters as well, though; still, you know them well. In online Rummy, when you play with the strangers, you may fall in the hands of such humbugs, and every player hates it.

  • Fraud Rummy websites or platforms

With the increase in the popularity of the game, there is an increase in the number of frauds in the genre. There are many platforms and websites which works in this way. This is why, while choosing an online Rummy platform, it is always better to go for officially registered ones or those associated with TRF (The Rummy Federation) and AIGF (All India Gaming Federation). The registered Rummy platforms are generally genuine and safer.

  • Affiliations or disturbing online advertisements

Many websites have tons of affiliations and online advertisements attached to their pages. These customised boxes that lie just a few clicks away, scattered here and there all over the digital rummy page can irritate you immensely, especially if these pop up while you are in the middle of an important game. Therefore, it’s better to ensure that your chosen online rummy site is entirely free from ads.

  • False or unrealistic promotional claims by the Rummy platforms

Although there are many genuine and professional websites in the genre, still you may stumble upon some unprofessional websites. They claim high rewards, handsome prizes and many alluring false promises, of course with that little asterisk which changes the game.


So, while the online Rummy game can be a fantastic form of entertainment, there are some cons attached to it that every rummy player would hate. In this regard, keen observation and an open eye are needed to protect yourself from falling in the traps of wrong people or situations. Otherwise, this can ruin your excitement completely.

Post Author: Paul Petersen

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